Tax Season Has Arrived

One expert says dealing with healthcare is where most people get bogged down

It’s the busiest time of year for tax filing companies.

One local business says they will do around 1,200 tax returns between now and the middle of April.

But for those not in the industry, filing your taxes can be a daunting task. 

“It doesn’t have to be, that’s what we try to do here is try to help the common person understand what tax filing is all about,” says the owner of Liberty Tax, Samantha Hennings. 

Hennings says the best thing you can do before filing, is to get your W-2’s, retirement distribution forms and verification of insurance in hand.

That way, you’re more likely to file correctly the first time around.

She says dealing with health care is where most people get bogged down. 

“There’s a number of exceptions allocated on there for different tax payers that some people don’t know about,” says Hennings. 

This year some people may be getting a form called a 1095 C. 

“The 1095 C is just a verification of coverage for the health insurance,” says Hennings. “Employers get it. You can also get it from the marketplace where you can get the federal subsidies from the health insurance, but mostly employers will give it out.” 

There are many ways to file taxes online, but Hennings says one benefit of actually going into a place like Liberty Tax, is getting the face to face customer service. 

“You’re always wondering did I answer the question right, did I answer it wrong; so by coming in here were able to double check, and you’re not obligated with us at all,” says Hennings.

The deadline to file is April 18.

 If you file online then you have to have it done at midnight.

 When mailing it in, Hennings says as long it’s postmarked on April 18, it will be accepted.

According to the IRS, it takes an average of 21 days to get your return.

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