8 Year Old Boy Gives Great Plains Zoo $400

Angus Miller of Aurelia, Iowa raised money for the endangered Black Rhino species

A rhino at the Great Plains Zoo received some special attention this morning thanks to an 8-year-old boy.

Angus Miller and his parents drove from Aurelia, Iowa to see the rhinos.

The family first visited over the summer, which is when Angus learned that the Eastern Black Rhinos are endangered.

After his visit, he told his mom Teresa that “he wanted to make brownies for black rhinos.”

Today, after personally feeding the mammal, Angus gave the zoo $400 that he collected from his brownie sales.

“It’s very exciting for us,” says Teresa. “You just hope to raise your children to know to do the right thing and be good members of the society, so for him to come up with that idea, I thought it was amazing.” 

The money Angus raised will go toward enrichment items for the rhinos, which help hone their natural behavior.

When KDLT asked Angus how he felt about his donation he responded with “thumbs up.” 

Angus says he is going to continue raising money to help with conservation efforts.

According to the zoo, across Africa there are now 740 Eastern Black Rhinos, making this species the rarest of the three remaining black rhino species.

In the US, there are only 60 Eastern Black Rhinos.

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