Sioux Falls Continues To Grow

The population is now more than 173,000 people

Thanks to a record construction year, strong job growth and quality of life improvements, Sioux Falls is continuing to grow.

City officials announced today that there are now more than 173,300 people in Sioux Falls.

That’s 3,500 more people than last year.

Chief Building and Zoning official Jeff Schmitt is crediting the increase to 2,000 new housing units and 6,000 new jobs.

He says the growth isn’t in just one part of the city, which is where the challenge arises for the planning commission.

“We can’t just say we’re going to fix the roads in Downtown,” says Schmitt “We have to balance the roads and the infrastructure in the downtown, with the park system in the southeast part of town, with the drainage in another part; so you have to balance that.”

Director of Planning and Building Services Mike Cooper says Sioux Falls has basically added both Aberdeen and Watertown to the population over the past 15 years.

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