Transgender Advocate Outraged At Student Bathroom Bill

The House of Representatives voted 58-10 approving H.B. 1008

After the state House approved a bill that would require students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their biological sex, one local transgender advocate says she is outraged.

“As lawmakers, as teachers, as anyone responsible for children, it’s their job to protect them and treat them with respect and dignity,” says Ashley Joubert-Gaddis, Director of Operations at the Center for Equality. “Not to single them out and make them seem less than human.” 

Joubert-Gaddis says she’s angry House Bill 1008 is now heading to the state Senate. 

“To say you aren’t allowed to live your life as the gender that you believe in your mind, in your heart and your head, that is the definition of bullying,” says Joubert-Gaddis. 

Representative Fred Deutsch is sponsoring this bill and he said the bill was created to make all students comfortable and safe. 

“Transgender students are all part of the student population, they’re all our kids and the bill is designed to provide privacy for all students,” says Deutsch. 

However, Joubert-Gaddis says this bill would be a step back for students who have been working hard to feel accepted. 

“Imagine getting to a point where you’re really comfortable with who you are to a certain extent, and now you’re living your life the way you feel that you were meant to live it; then somebody takes that away from you,” says Joubert-Gaddis. “It’s not fair.” 

Another bill involving equality issues is House Bill 1112, which would be another attempt to take away a high school activities association policy that allows transgender student athletes to request playing on the team of their choice.

That bill is scheduled for hearing on Feb. 3.

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