“Realtors Are Easy Targets”

Threatening behavior has forced local realtors to take extra safety precautions

According to the president of the Realtors Association of the Sioux Empire, in the last two years, two realtor agents were killed, one is still missing in Arizona and in Iowa, one was shot.

This has prompted the association to increase safety efforts. 

“We are the only profession that I know in the world that opens the door, puts it in the media somehow saying ‘come on in I’m going to be alone in an empty house’,” says president Dawn Aspaas. “So realtors are easy targets.” 

These easy targets are getting hit here in the Sioux Empire. 

“Actually I’ve had two stalkers,” says vice president Beth Jamison; one of which located where Jamison lived. 

“I happened to be working in my office at 3 a.m. and he literally called my office phone and rang into my house and said well I can see you’re working in the office and I have a couple questions,” says Jamison. “So that really kind of freaked me out a little bit.” 

Because of this incident, Jamison now makes extra precautions while showing open houses. 

“My husband or someone else is typically with me at every open house, anything that I do I usually have someone with me,” says Jamison. “If someone can’t attend, I’m an agent who wears an ear piece that stays on the whole time while someone is on the other end so they hear the entire conversation.” 

Aspaas says they have been promoting these extra precautions to ensure realtors are safe. 

“We tell them to meet with someone first, to make sure someone knows where you are at at all times and to give someone an idea of when you should be returning,” says Aspass. 

The Realtors Association of the Sioux Empire is also asking both realtors and non-realtors to take a safety pledge on their website to ensure the community will be looking out for those who are finding the best home for buyers and renters.