Truck Drivers Traveling Through SF Hunker Down As Blizzard Hits Town

Most Set Up For The Night: 'The loads are not worth your life.'

Truck drivers traveling through Sioux Falls are hunkered down. Even before portions of the interstates closed, some motorists were smart enough to stay off the roads. The truck stop near the I-29 and I-90 interchange was jam packed Tuesday with big rigs.

“A lot of truck drivers are smart enough to get off the road,” said K&B Transportation Driver Scott VanBrunt.

After more than a decade of driving trucks, Scott VanBrunt with K&B Transportation out of Sioux City knows what it’s like to take to the road in blizzard conditions.

“The thing weighs up to 80,000 pounds at times and it’s hard to stop and when conditions get like this it’s even harder,” said K&B Transportation Driver Scott VanBrunt.

Then factor in 45 mile per hour winds.

“If you’re not careful a gust of wind can push you right off into the ditch,” VanBrunt said.

VanBrunt was picking up a load in Sioux Falls, about to take on a two day trip to Texas, when his boss told him stay put.

VanBrunt said, “If you don’t have to be there, the loads are not worth your life.”

VanBrunt is just one of dozens of others who pulled into the Flying J Truck Stop with a plan to stay the night.

“I just figured if I got down further south that the roads would be worse and everybody would be piled into the truck stop and not find places to park,” said Thomas Marcy with Schneider National Carriers.

Marcy got into Sioux Falls from Minot before the storm even hit. On his way to Kansas City, he figured he better not chance it.

“With the snow blowing and the wind and with not a lot of weight in my trailer, I don’t really want to drive to far because it can blow you sideways,” said Marcy.

Both hope to make it out of the city in the morning. Until then, they say they have their ways of staying occupied.

VanBrunt said, “Get a nap in. I got a T.V. And that in the truck, so I got entertainment. I’m not going to get bored.”

Not a bad way to ride out a storm.

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