City Crews, Sioux Falls Residents Dig Out After Snow Storm

Depending on where you live in Sioux Falls, Tuesday’s snow storm dumped anywhere from 4 to 7 inches on your doorstep, but city officials expect to have every street cleared by Thursday morning.

City officials say it wasn’t the amount of snow yesterday that slowed them down, but the 45 mile per hour winds is what caused them some problems.

Crews began plowing Zone 3 at around 2:30 Wednesday morning. They are expected to finish plowing Zone 3 by 10 p.m. They have began plowing Zone 2, the north and south streets, and will start with the east and west streets at 8 p.m.

Street Fleet Manager Galynn Huber says the drifting snow was a problem especially in the southwest part of town Tuesday night, where they had to knock off the top of the drift, back up, put the blade back down, and go through the area again. However, Huber says the city’s no travel advisory and school cancellations helped limit traffic to get the snow cleared faster.

Huber said, “What that helped do is get a lot of businesses to think about sending their employees home. We’ve seen a lot of business that closed early yesterday afternoon. The traffic at 5 o’clock last night was minimal. That helps me out a lot when we’re our there trying to run those emergency routes, we’re not having to sit in line with traffic at the light three periods trying to get through there.”

Huber expects to crews to start clearing downtown Sioux Falls at around 1 a.m. Thursday.

Along with city crews, many Sioux Falls residents spent the morning digging out following Tuesday’s storm. Dustin Olson, who lives in the Southwest part of town, finally got to snow blowing his driveway at around 11 a.m.

Just like those crews, he had quite the snow drift to tackle Wednesday morning. Olson says he waited overnight because with all of the blowing snow he figured he would just have to do it twice. While the storm wasn’t as bad as he was expecting, he says it was still enough to get him out there.

“I actually went to Golf Addiction last night, came home and it blowing it again so I just said, ‘Forget it, I’ll do it in the morning.'”

While Olson and these kids dug out later Wednesday morning, it looked as if most of the city tackled the job bright and early, perhaps before they went to work.

Despite the tough driving conditions, police say only 26 car accidents were reported Tuesday between 1 and 10 p.m.

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