Former Hartford Council Chairman Confesses To Forged Email

Doyle Johnson wrote a letter to the mayor and city council apologizing

The city of Hartford is trying to put an email scandal behind them.

Former Council Chairman Doyle Johnson issued a letter to Mayor Bill Cambpell and the city council confessing and apologizing for authoring a forged email.

It all started with a Hartford resident sending an email to Doyle Johnson asking him to step down from his position on the council.

However, when that email was read aloud on Dec. 1, there were extra vulgar sentences added to it.

Johnson originally denied changing the email, but at last night’s city council meeting, a confession and apology letter from Doyle Johnson was read aloud.

The letter states that the email he read during the Dec. 1 meeting “was authored by myself, under the guise of a fake email. I regret the negative impact upon the city and the council itself, and I have fully accepted the consequences of my actions.” 

“It definitely fell short of the apology that we’ve been looking for,” says “Growing Hartford” member Travis Kuehl. 

Kuehl says the apology wasn’t addressed to all those affected. 

“The disappointing part of that [letter] was that it wasn’t an apology to “Growing Hartford” or an apology to any business owners in Hartford who were specifically mentioned in the original email,” says Kuehl. 

Johnson’s forged email involved insensitive language toward his special needs son, and wished that Johnson would “choke on a turkey bone.” 

“The email was extremely disturbing, extremely offensive,” says Kuehl. “Then when it came to light that it was drafted by Mr. Johnson, it was even more disturbing. It was a sad day for the city of Hartford.” 

While Kuehl says the woman whose email was manipulated deserves an apology, he doesn’t want to dwell on the incident anymore. 

“We definitely are looking at the horizon, looking into the future.”

The Mayor of Hartford says he didn’t have a comment on Johnson’s apology letter, but like Kuehl, he says they are ready to move on and take care of city business.

Minnehaha County Sheriff Captain Mike Walsh says an investigation on Johnson’s falsification is complete.

He says Johnson was asked to take public accountability for his actions, but whether charges will be issued against Johnson is still up to the States Attorney’s Office.

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