Local Business Sees Increased Interest In Gun Safety Courses

The biggest increase is coming from women

January was a busy month for the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Department, due to increased interest of concealed carry weapon permits.

Sheriff Mike Milstead says they issued 574 permits.

He says the increase is likely from gun control issues discussed in politics and local crime.

While Sheriff Milstead says the increase in permits go hand in hand with an increase in gun sales, there’s one more side to the industry that people are taking aim at. 

Ron Evenson, CEO of Kinetic Ops, a company that designs advanced weapons systems for the military and provides firearms training and teaches gun safety classes, says he’s been busier than normal. 

“We have seen a large increase in the last year on firearms related courses from not only from concealed carry and home defense, but just general firearms directly,” says Evenson. 

Evenson says the biggest interest has come from women who are looking for protection and general firearms safety.

But he says it’s essential to learn basic safety measures before handling any firearm. 

“You are going to treat every firearm as though it’s loaded at all times,” says Evenson. “You’re never going to point a firearm at something you’re not willing to destroy. You’re never going to put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, and know what you’re target is and what’s around it.” 

He says if you follow these four rules, people and things don’t get hurt.   

“If you are trained properly in your weapon, you’ll be competent in how to use it and you’ll be confident when you do use it,” says Evenson. 

For those times the gun isn’t being used, Evenson says it’s important to keep the firearm in a safe or use a trigger guard.

“Even if it’s set up for home defense, loaded ready to go; if it’s not within arm’s reach, it should be in a lock box or safe.” says Evenson. “If you don’t have a lock box or safe, it should be unloaded with a trigger guard or some other type of lock on it.”

Evenson, being a retired fire pilot himself, says at Kinetic Ops they teach gun safety to those who have never held a firearm before up to a seasoned professional.

For more information on the courses they offer visit their website at Kinetic-ops.com