Sioux Falls Police Reacts To Fargo Fallen Officer

33-year-old Jason Moszer died around 12:45 p.m.

A Fargo Police officer has died after being shot during a standoff this morning.

The report began as a domestic violence call, but turned into an 11 hour stand-off.

It ended when the suspect fired multiple shots from inside a home, striking 33-year-old Officer Jason Moszer.

Moszer is the fifth officer around the country to be killed in the line of duty in the last 24 hours.

Sioux Falls Police say the incident hit too close to home. 

“This officer had a family, had two young children, and to go through something like this, it’s just unimaginable what they’re going through,” says Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens. 

Police officers put their lives at risk every day, not knowing when a mundane call will turn into a high risk situation.

Something that Officer Clemens says is brought to light more when fellow officers lose their lives. 

“We know that law enforcement can be a dangerous job, we do things to try to minimize it, but we don’t really want to hear that someone’s seriously hurt or injured.” 

Officer Clemens says it’s the safety procedures they practice that help officers before going into a volatile situation. 

“Once you get into a moment like that you don’t really think, you’re just reacting and relying on that training that you’ve been dealing with,” says Officer Clemens. “It almost just becomes second nature.”

 Sioux Falls Police Officers are wearing a special mourning badge today in honor of Officer Jason Moszner. 

“Just to let people know that we’re thinking about that officer that we’re supporting them, and it’s really a sign of respect for that officer and the job that he did,” says Officer Clemens.

Several members of the Sioux Falls Police Department are heading to Fargo this weekend to pay their respects to officer Moszer.