Third Sunday Archeology: “Folsom Adaptations to Bison Hunting”

February 21st: 2:00pm

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Event Location:
Edith Mortenson Theatre, Augustana University commons

Event Description:
February’s installment of Augustana’s Third Sunday Archeology Program will feature speaker Dr. K.C. Carlson of Augustana University, on the topic “Folsom Adaptations to Bison Hunting: A Comparison of Northern and Southern Plains Arroyo Trap Kills” at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 21, in the Edith Mortenson Center Theatre.

This research compares and contrasts Paleoindian arroyo trap bison kills on the Southern plains to analogous sites on the Northern plains to investigate the transition from opportunistic hunting to organized hunting under different environmental regimes.

Analyses to address this topic include:
stable isotopes of bison bone to aid in environmental reconstruction radiocarbon dates to determine the antiquity of the study sites seasonality of the kill event to relate hunting organization to bison behavior and trace element analysis to reconstruct bison mobility patterns.
New perspectives are provided on the transition from passive, opportunistic hunting of large game to active, organized hunting of bison herds that developed during the early Paleoindian period in North America.