To Ensure Safety, One Locksmith Says Install A Deadbolt

A locking knob is easier to break into

A rash of business and residential break-ins over the last month has kept area locksmiths busy.

Some say they have to schedule appointments days after a call for repair comes in.

But there are steps you can take to protect your property, and avoid having to make that phone call.

The store manager at Bob’s Lock and Key says all it takes is installing a dead bolt in addition to a locking knob. 

“On a deadbolt, once [the latch] is out you can’t push it in, so you can’t use a credit card to break into it,” says Ryan Hawks. “It’s very secure. But with locking knobs, if they’re not closed correctly, they can just slide a credit card through the door frame and push the latch back even if it’s locked.” 

Hawks says installing a metal wrap around the deadbolt also makes a home more secure. 

“What that does is it makes your door one solid unit so that if somebody tries to kick it in, instead of just going through a little part, they have to go through the entire wrap,” says Hawks. 

Another tip: know who has access to the keys that fit into your lock. 

“You have to know how many keys exist and where they’re at,” says Hawks. “Otherwise if someone has a key that isn’t supposed to have a key, then your lock is ineffective.”

With what he has assisted with throughout the years, Hawks says it makes it that much more important to have a deadlock on all exterior doors. 

“We’ve seen doors kicked in, we’ve seen wheels broken, we’ve seen holes cut in walls and doors to get through,” says Hawks.

For those looking for more than just a deadbolt, Hawks says the last piece to the puzzle for home security is installing an alarm system.

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