City Of Sioux Falls Finds Solutions To Worn Down Roads

The road on the top of the fix list: S. Louise Ave.

On an average day, 24,000 vehicles travel on S. Louise Ave. in Sioux Falls.

But drivers are finding more than heavy traffic along that road, they’re also finding extra potholes.

To fix this problem, the City of Sioux Falls is finding both long and short term solutions to make the road smoother. 

“It’s embarrassing in a number of ways,” says Mayor Mike Huether on his disapproval of the condition of S. Louise Avenue, but says it won’t always be this way. 

“We are going to do some short term things to fix it, but also by 2017, we will have completely repaired, rebuilt, and replaced Louise Avenue as you know it today,” says Mayor Huether. 

The short term fix includes using a new type of asphalt called Aquaphalt.

Crews have already started pouring the mixture and packing it down. 

“In many cases, things have to be dry in order to patch them, not with this product,” says Director of Public Works Mark Clotter. ”So that’s what were most interested in trying is something that can be in water and ultimately do what it’s supposed to do.” 

A fix that Councilman Greg Jamison knows is necessary in his District. 

“I travel this road a lot and it is in terrible shape, everyone knows that, but one of the great signs of today is the warmer weather and now it’s time to start fixing the potholes that have plagued this road forever,” says Jamison. 

Aquaphalt costs $45 for a 3 gallon bucket, which is more expensive than other types, but the city says it lasts longer paying for itself.

S. Louise Ave. won’t be the only street to see improvements.

Mayor Huether says the city has budgeted more than $35 million for road improvements.

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