Domestic Abuse Shelter Weighs In On Protection Orders: ‘They do amazing things for victims’

A 30-year-old Sioux Falls woman is still in the hospital after police say her ex-boyfriend shot her on Friday before turning the gun on himself.

According to court documents, Kellie Dagel had a protection order against Cameron Young and he violated the order last Monday. He spent time in jail for violating the order, but was released the next day after paying a $1,000 bond. That was three days before police say he fired a gun at her.

So far this year, police say there has been 53 protection orders violations in Sioux Falls. Last year there were 383, and in 2014: 335.

“Unfortunately, that will happen, but we don’t ever want to discourage from seeking that assistance out and knowing that they do work,” said Amy Carter with Children’s Inn.

Many times, Children’s Inn helps victims through the process and Carter says it’s an important one.

“If someone has endured years or months or whatever of abuse, to be able to kind of sit down and put that on paper is difficult,” said Carter.

Police say a protection order is different from a restraining order. A restraining order is a civil action. A protection order on the other hand is criminal. If a person is a victim of stalking or violence they can apply for a protection order. A judge will decide if it’s necessary.  If a protection order is violated, the person can be arrested.

“Ideally, that’s what we want to see is once that protection order is issued, that person knows that they’re not to contact the victim at all and I think a lot of the time that’s what happens is that people realize that they don’t want to go to jail. They realize there’s serious consequences to violating that,” said Officer Sam Clemens.

While a protection order didn’t help Dagel, many times it does.

“Protection orders are an amazing tool. When they are upheld they do amazing things for victims,” said Carter.

In a lot of cases, Carter says it helps victims get their lives back.

Carter said, “It gives again that victim a chance to heal and start to have some normalcy to their life.”

According to Dagel’s GoFundMe page, she was shot multiple times in the head and has had surgery to repair her jaw. Police say as of right now they don’t have a update on young’s condition.

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