H.B. 1008 Officially Dies in South Dakota Legislature

The vote to override the bill fails in the state House

The so-called ‘Transgender Bathroom Bill’ is officially dead in the South Dakota legislature.

A vote in the House failed to override Governor Dennis Daugaard’s veto of House Bill 1008 today, but not without some opposition.

“It’s like a virus has broken out and that virus has grown by the assent of people like us where we say ‘well we’re going to accommodate this and have compassion,” says Representative Steven Haugaard.

House Representatives continued the controversial discussion on transgender students and what bathrooms they should use in public schools.

“This is what we really believe and this is how we want to protect our children,” says Representative Thomas Brunner referring to H.B. 1008. “Whether they’re boys or they’re girls or somewhere in between, this is how we protect people here.”

However, Rep. Karen Soli countered saying “we do not need to single out, we need to figure it out and let the people closest in the situation do that.”

The House’s attempt to override the Governor’s veto fell 11 votes short of the needed 2/3 majority.

School districts will now have to come up with their own solution if any issue with a transgender student arises; which is what Gov. Daugaard wanted when he decided to veto the bill.

“Let the school districts deal with them on a case by case basis,” says Gov. Daugaard. “They’ve seemed to be doing that just fine right now.”

The sponsor of the bill, Representative Fred Deutsch, met with the Governor before his veto decision this week.

Deutsch started the discussion in the chamber Thursday asking his colleagues to trust him, and not vote to override the veto.

He said they will look over the bill again this summer, and come back with a better version.

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