Construction Season, Work On 12th Street Bridge Underway

Spring is right around the corner and that means construction season is too. Replacing the 12th Street bridge in Sioux Falls is at the top of the list for the city this year. A lot of work has been done already to get to this point and there’s even more to do.

In the city of Sioux Falls, bridges are inspected every other year. But a few years ago, it became clear that the 12th street bridge needed a little extra attention.

City Engineer Chad Huwe said, “There’s concrete in this bridge, there’s a lot of steel. A lot of times that moisture will get in that concrete, will get into that steel, that will start to corrode.”

Built in the 60’s, crews started taking a look at it annually.

“It just was getting to that point to where, ‘Alright, it’s time, we’ve gotten it’s life out of it. It’s time to get it replaced’,” said Huwe.

Crews began doing some work last year, just to prepare to repair the bridge. They did $2 million in improvements, including the relocation of a sanitary sewer line. Crews did utility work, built retaining walls, and created access roads for businesses. Now the real work begins.

Huwe said, “The next six to eight weeks, most of the work you’re going to see is going to happen underneath the bridge.”

Work won’t impact traffic until early May, when the south half of the bridge is removed and reconstructed. The north half will come in July, with the center portion in September.

“Anytime you want move 21,000 cars a day to other streets, it just won’t happen. It won’t happen here either,” Huwe said.

Instead of four lanes, city officials say there will be three open throughout the project. When that takes place, they will provide another update.

The $7.4 million project is expected to be complete by Nov. 12. However, there is a $300,000 bonus if D & G Construction Inc. of Sioux Falls finishes early.