Summit League Increasing Restaurant Business

Casa Del Ray plans weeks before the basketball fans come to town

The Premier Center isn’t the only establishment busy this weekend.

One local restaurant says they see a third more business than normal when the tournament comes to town.

Owner of Casa Del Ray, Don Smith, says just this morning alone more than 200 people walked through the doors for Sunday brunch.

Smith says they have to plan weeks ahead to make sure they schedule enough staff to handle the extra people, and prep enough food, which is something he is glad to do.

“We love it when the Summit League comes here,” says Smith. “The basketball fans are so great here in Sioux Falls. We’re just lucky to have such a great sports town and the Summit League to decide to put it here in Sioux Falls, we’re just ecstatic about that.”

Smith says March is the busiest month for business with basketball, hockey and the outdoors show next weekend.

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