Superheroes To Take The Streets Of Sioux Falls

The creator of a comic book series is seeking the public's help

Some new superheroes may be making their way to the Sioux Empire in the form of comic books.

One man is bringing four characters that separately fight off evil, but together discover an important message, to life in the comic book series ‘Champions’.

“What you see is these black and white pages, but what you don’t see is the pencil that was under there because I had to erase it, and you don’t see the hours of me figuring out who these people are,” says author Dylan Jacobson.

Those people are Danny, Michael, Alex and Muggy.

“They have different extraordinary circumstances and they are going to have to come together to learn that doing the right thing isn’t always easiest,” says Jacobsen; which is a message that he says he’s learned himself when creating the superheroes. 

“There is a lot of things where if you want to do something creative you have to do it yourself,” says Jacobson, even when it isn’t always easy.

“I had to write it, I had to create it and then I had to draw it and ink it,” says Jacobson. “Now my colorist is working her butt off to do that, so it’s a lot of hats to wear.” 

But Jacobsen says the work is worth it knowing his four characters living in Sioux Falls could inspire the other 170,000 residents to stay clear of the dark path. 

“The end goal is to let you know that as a person you can be ever amount as good as you want to be,” says Jacobson. “So don’t stop.”

Jacobson is using a Kickstarter page to help share this story.

He is asking the public for monetary donations to help fund printing 2,000 copies of the first of six series of the comic book.

Twenty-thousand-five-hundred of the $3,500 he’s asking for has already been raised.

To make a donation, or learn more about ‘Champions’ you can visit the website at: