Musician ‘AV Super Sunshine’ Performs On KDLT News Today

His music is mixture of modern and a Jimi Hendrix-esque vibe that will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time a few decades.

AV Super Sunshine is bringing a unique sound to audiences around the country. On Monday, he stopped by KDLT News Today to talk more about his music and played a couple selections, too!

AV Super Sunshine is from Fond du lac, Wisconsin. His musical journey started back around 2009 when he was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression. He started going to open mic nights – and was eventually invited to Nashville to record. It was there they gave him the name “AV Super Sunshine.”

“It’s my initials and the name of a song, Super Sunshine Girl, which I wrote for my fiancé,” he said.

AV writes songs to share his life experiences. He got some of that inspiration from a David Bowie article that he read.

“We are all human and share the same experiences, whether it is a love song or whether it’s a song about overcoming, if we write based on our experiences, people will understand better rather than if we write about an experience we haven’t had,” he said.

On KDLT News Today, AV played a song called “Baby Goodbye.” It is a selection he says is about getting back up after a tough time.

“It was written at a time when it was hard for me to get off the couch and socialize,” he said. It is a song about getting off the couch and going back to the coffee shop. 

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