Former KDLT Intern Was In Brussels During Attacks

Trip Through Europe Led To Belgium Night Before Bombings

Carly Jensen, a former KDLT intern and student at the University of Nebraska, and two other friends were planning a train ride from Brussels to Bruuge this morning.

They set an alarm to get their early but when she woke up, her friend, Sarah, said plans had changed.

“As stories started coming out, we were like, Oh my Gosh, this is actually a terrorist attack,” said Jensen.

All their plans of exploring the city on Tuesday changed before the day started.

“We woke up like thirty minutes after the metro [bomb] had gone off so we were like, Oh my Gosh, is there going to be another one? Are we even safe sitting in this hotel room?” Jensen said.

The metro station that was attacked this morning was a mile or two away from Jensen’s hotel.

The airport attack happened a little bit farther from there.

Jensen said that even though she wasn’t particularly near the attacks, the city was small enough that everything we within range of walking distance.

“We’ve just been staying in the hotel all day. That’s what we’ve been advised to do,” said Jensen.

She said that being in a new city with not a lot of information prevented them from understanding how serious it was.

A lot of confusion made Tuesday morning far more difficult for Jensen and her friends.

“At first we didn’t know. The first thing we got. It was only one person so maybe it’s not that huge of a deal. We didn’t want to freak ourselves out but we knew the city was kind of locked down so we knew that probably wasn’t a good sign,” said Jensen.

KDLT News spoke with Jensen around 6 p.m. Belgium time.

She said Brussels was still rather quiet at that time, but a couple trains restarted and some people were coming out.

Due to the time difference, Jensen said she sent her family a text informing them she was okay.

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