Hardest Working Cities In U.S.: Sioux Falls Ranked 4th

When it comes to hard workers, Sioux Falls has been ranked among the best. A personal finance website recently analyzed and ranked 116 cities across the nation. The site ranked the largest city in South Dakota number four.

Owner of Key Staffing Doug Erickson said,  “Does it surprise me? No.”

WalletHub found that more than 83 percent of Sioux Falls residents are in the workforce. They worked an average of nearly 39 hours a week, and nearly 9 percent have multiple jobs. 

Erickson said, “They’re working in at least in that 40 hour area. There’s a lot of individuals that are putting in a lot more time than that in too, you know, to make ends meet and make a decent living also.”

Doug Erickson opened Key Staffing more than two decades ago. Each week, he says round 30 to 50 people come through their doors, looking for a job.

“I think they’re eager to work but they’re also wanting find that ideal job that they can excel at,” said Erickson.

But there aren’t a lot of excuses in Sioux Falls. On average, workers only spend about 16 minutes in the car driving to and from work. You also can drive down any street and find a help wanted sign. A sign, Erickson says, we aren’t letting what’s happening across the country affect us.
“We just keep moving on with what we’re doing and how we do it, and kind of being a leader for the rest of the country to look at,” Erickson said.

Anchorage, Alaska came in first followed by Virginia Beach in second and Plano, Texas in third. Irving, Texas rounds out the top five.

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