Lack Of Milk Donations Prompts Elementary School To Raise Money For Food Pantry

Students at Robert Frost Elementary School in Sioux Falls are using their “milk money” quite literally.

The Robert Frost Wellness Council, involved in the ‘Fuel Up To Play 60’ Program, tries to promote healthy activity and nutrition in their school. Through their ‘Pints to Gallons Challenge’, the council urged other students to bring coins to help fill milk containers. The students raised $2,348.76 just last week. The council, made up of fourth and fifth graders, presented the check to the Food Pantry in Sioux Falls Thursday morning.

“We learned of the fact that milk is one of the most requested but least donated items at the Food Pantry and so we just really wanted to help. We took that as our calling to make that our community service project,” said Robert Frost Elementary School Parent Wellness Council Advisor Melissa Nelson.

“In our milk that we distribute, we receive about 90 half gallons that are donated each week and that’s not enough to keep up with our current needs,” said Feeding South Dakota Development Director Kerri DeGraff.

Feeding South Dakota limits the milk they distribute to families with children and people over age 60. Even then, they say they still don’t have enough to go around.