Months After Murder Trial, Conner Hanson Faces Judge Again

Charged With Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend, Judge Releases Hanson From Jail

In January, 18-year-old Conner Hanson was acquitted of murder in the shooting death of another teenager resulting from a car chase near the Empire Mall. A little more than two months later, he is facing a judge again, this time for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.   

Hanson was arrested Monday for simple assault domestic, a misdemeanor charge. When deciding whether he would be released from jail, the judge said the previous case in which Hanson was found not guilty has no relevance to this incident.

Hanson has a long criminal record, that includes two prior shooting incidents. However, Sioux Falls Police say that didn’t make a difference when taking him into custody Monday morning.

“A lot of what we do revolves around the officers doing it safely and making sure we’re not going to be injured or anybody else is going to be injured to I don’t think there’s necessarily any other extra precautions that are going to be taken. We always take precautions regardless of who we’re dealing with because we don’t, a lot of the time we don’t know a person’s background or what’s happened in their past,” said Officer Sam Clemens.

Police say were called Hanson’s apartment on the 700 block of West Rice Street at around 8 a.m. They say Hanson was arguing with his live-in girlfriend, who is currently pregnant and the mother of Hanson’s child. Police say Hanson followed the 21-year-old into the bathroom and locked the door, punching and shoving her. When police were called, he left the home but came back later.

“He pushed her, hit her a few times. He ended up putting her hands around her neck,” said Clemens.

A short time later, Hanson was arrested just blocks away. Despite his appearance in court Tuesday, we weren’t able to hear from the victim. She was kicked out of the courtroom following an altercation with another group of girls before it began. Police say she suffered only minor injuries.

“We don’t have that serious injury to bump it up to the aggravated assault but this is nothing new,” said Clemens. “It’s something that we take serious and we’re trying to really stop that pattern and get people out of those situations.”

The Minnehaha County State’s Attorney’s Office asked that Hanson be held in jail on $10,000 bond. The victim told the prosecutor that Hanson is insecure and has to be in control. The judge decided to release Hanson on the promise that he won’t have any contact with his girlfriend, and that he will show up for all of his court appearances.