Orange City Preparing For Annual ‘Tulip Festival’ Event

Every year Orange City, Iowa puts on quite the celebration called the Tulip Festival.

While we are still about a month away from the 76th annual event, organizers are working to get the word out early.

On Tuesday, members of this year’s Tulip Court joined Kevin Hurd on KDLT News Today to preview this year’s Tulip Festival.

“The tulip festival is all about celebrating our Dutch heritage through costumes and dancing and unique foods and there are two parades every day,” said Ava Grossmann, queen of this year’s Tulip Court. “You can see lots of tulips.”

The girls in the Tulip Court visited KDLT in full costume. There is a lot of culture that goes into the attire.

“Our skirts are imported from Holland,” said Kelsey Lang, a member of the Tulip Court. “Our hats are rounded to indicate we are of the protestant faith. There are lots of little things to make our costumes authentic.”

The Tulip Festival would not be complete without the tulips!

“We plant about 80 to 100 thousand tulips in the city,” said Maddie Christy, a member of the Tulip Court. “You can see about 25,000 at Windmill Park down at Town Square. But then you can also go to Tulip Town Bulb Company, they have about 50 varieties there you can buy anytime throughout the festival.”

The girls who are part of the Tulip Court were selected by the community.

“Every senior girl in Orange City has a chance to be part of the Tulip Court,” said Grace De Haan. “The community votes on five members and there is a pageant in November to elect the queen.”

The festival will be held May 19-21 in Orange City. It is always the third week in May.

More information can be found at or by calling 712-707-4510.

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