Fly High In Aerial Silks At Cirque Dakota

You don’t have to be in the circus to get a taste of acrobatics. Cirque Dakota lets you be the acrobat and takes you high above the ground in aerial silks.

Ellen Davis, owner and instructor of Cirque Dakota, says she’s been practicing silks for about two years. She first got started at her previous job in Kentucky after a group outing took her to an aerial silks class. From then, she says, she was hooked and began to practice more often. When Davis came to Sioux Falls in August 2015, she searched for a place to practice silks, and enough people showed interest in learning that she decided to become a certified instructor and teach.

Davis says contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to already be strong or flexible to come to an aerial silks class. Each hour long class begins with stretch exercises, and Davis says any moves in the silks can be modified. Plus, Davis says you won’t be going far off the ground so there’s no fear of falling, and safety is highly emphasized throughout the classes.

Davis teaches classes most days of the week to learn silks and flexibility. Your first introductory aerial silks class is just $18, and a waiver will need to be signed before you can participate. For more information on classes, click here.

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