Sgt. On Chase Involving Attempted Murder Suspect: ‘At times, it was up to 80 to 90 mph.’

Authorities have released more information about the attempted murder suspect from Sisseton, who was arrested Wednesday in Sioux Falls. The Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office says the 29-year-old led officers on a high speed chase and crashed a stolen vehicle before he was taken into custody.

Authorities in Roberts County have been searching for 29-year-old Zachariah Ryan since April 7, wanted for attempted homicide. On Tuesday, the Minnehaha County Fugitive Task Force received information that he may be in a stolen vehicle in Sioux Falls. Sgt. Pete Jaros says he and another officer spotted the black Lincoln on Cliff Avenue, North of Rice Street Wednesday afternoon.

Jaros said, “We hit the emergency lights and sirens, a male and female exited the vehicle, and then it took off.”

Jaros says that’s when the pursuit began.

Jaros said, “We pursued it for 12 minutes, approximately 10 to 12 miles,” said Jaros. “At times, it was up to 80 miles per hour.”

Jaros says on two separate occasions, the vehicle went the wrong way on both Interstate 90 and 229. He says Ryan had a total disregard for his safety, the safety of his passenger, and the public.

“We have to weigh the risk reward, you know, is this person worth chasing? Obviously, we felt he was, you know, but as a pursuing vehicle, especially in an unmarked vehicle, we did have lights and sirens but we just can’t drive with total disregard like he did,” said Jaros.

The vehicle traveled up a steep embankment, crashing into a fence along I-229. Ryan and another man fled from the Lincoln, but he was found shortly after when a citizen gave him up. Ryan was lying down in a pickup in a parking lot near the 1300 block of North Cleveland Avenue.

Jaros said, “He resisted right up until the very end when he knew he was caught. He was surrounded, no escape.”

The Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office says Ryan is now facing aggravated eluding charges as well as possibly some drug charges. The three others could also be facing charges. Ryan is currently in the Minnehaha County Jail, who is holding him for authorities in Roberts County.