Early May Heat Wave Expected This Week

Some Places Could Reach the Low 90s!

While the first four months of the year have all had a warmer than normal average, we haven’t quite had that several day summer-like warm up yet. Well, that looks like that will change for the final two days of this week.

It has been more than 200 days since we last hit the 80° in Sioux Falls. The last time we reached that mark was October 11, 2015, which was 206 days ago. Our 30 year average for when we normally see our first 80-degree temperature, that is April 20, and we are now 15 days past that mark. The good news is that we will be breaking that streak this week!

An early May heatwave is expected to push in on Thursday with high temperatures in the upper 70s, 80s, and even close to 90 degrees in some places of central South Dakota. The best part is that the wind looks to be relatively light for most of us and that sun will be back in full force. High temperatures are expected to be into the low to mid 80s in central South Dakota on Thursday with the upper 80s and even possibly the 90s.

The warmth lives on into Friday and shifts east. Low to mid 80s will move into the I-29 corridor and into the Tri-State area. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some places along the Missouri River that see the 90-degree mark.

So keep the sunglasses handy, heap up that grill, get a nice beverage, and plant yourself outside! It will be too nice to not be outside the next several days!

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