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Hot Shot Has Horse History in His Veins, But Needed Rescue

Twenty-six year old thoroughbred, Hot Shot, has been retired from racing for more than two decades.

Caretaker, Darci Hortness, knows something special about him.

“I don’t follow pedigrees a lot but there are a few names that kind of stick out to us horsey people,” said Hortness.

Hot Shot’s Great-Grandfather is hall of famer Bold Ruler, winner of the 1957 Preakness Stakes.

One of his grandfathers is 1973 Triple Crown winner, Secretariat.

Unfortunately for Hot Shot, Hortness said his career didn’t go as well.

“Like many race horses, he was injured as a two or three year old and his racing career ended,” Hortness said.

Hortness said after Hot Shot blew out tendons in his two front legs, his owners were planning on slaughtering him.

Hortness and her husband had to help the South Dakota native.

“Hot Shot was actually our first rescue long before we really knew we were going to be an organized horse rescue organization,” said Hortness.

Hot Shot now lives at the Double HP Sanctuary and Learning Center with fourteen other rescued horses.

Hortness said New Hope Horses started to fill a need to help law enforcement.

“If there happened to be a heard of starving horses, there really wasn’t anything set up in our area for that,” Hortness explained.

The horses are now a part of the Double HP staff.

Two programs of focus include natural horsemanship, which teaches fundamentals about horse handling such as treatment and riding.

The other is Equine-assisted counseling to teach skills such as assertiveness and patience.

For Hortness, she wanted to find a purpose for the rescued horses.

“Introduce them to other people and help other people be happy and successful and safe around horses,” said Hortness.

For more information on the Double HP Sanctuary and Learning Center, go to their website here.

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