Aldi Set To Open In Sioux Falls

City's newest grocery store opens Thursday

There are dozens of grocery stores across the Sioux Empire, all vying for your business. But one new store is hoping its unique shopping style and rock-bottom prices will be your new place to shop.

Matt Lilla is the Division Vice-President for Aldi Food Stores. He says customers will immediately notice how different Aldi is than any other store before evening stepping foot inside.

“Customers will come in put a quarter in the cart, and then release the chain,” said Lilla, “they will be able to get their cart and go shopping.”

It may seem strange, having to rent a grocery cart for $0.25, but it’s just one unique way Aldi is looking out for its customers. 

“By renting carts, that helps us keep the cost down for the cart retrieval,” said Lilla, “we don’t have to pay someone to do that all day long. That keeps the cost low for us, it keeps the cost lower for the customers.”

 Once one steps through the sliding doors, it may seem like a foreign place.

“You’ll notice that instead of typical brands we have Clancy’s. This is an Aldi exclusive brand.”

90 percent of Aldi products are privately-labeled, meaning they can’t be found anywhere else. They also have a wide-range selection of gluten free products. Not to mention non-GMO meat and cage-free chicken.

“Everything in the store is guaranteed to be as good as or better than the national brand equivalent product,” added Lilla.

Customers seem to agree.

“Brand names don’t mean anything to me,” said first-time shopper, John Gumke.

Everything in the store is meant to save the customer time and money. Products like Crispy Oats for $1.19 have multiple bar codes on the box making for one quick checkout.

“We charge people six cents for paper bag and 11 cents for a plastic bag. You don’t have the cost of those items hidden in the cost of the products. You can chose to buy them if you need them,” added Lilla.

Meaning customers are the ones left to bag their groceries.

“Everything that we do at the front end and checking out is designed to save our customers money, as well. So, we want to have the fastest cashiers in the industry.”

Its time and money, we all could use just a little bit more of.

Thursday, May 12 is the official grand opening of Aldi on South Louise Avenue. The first 100 customers have a chance to win $100 in Aldi gift certificates.

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