Harrisburg Resilient Following Challenging School Year

Students dealt with school shooting, loss of student in car accident

After a school shooting, and the death of a student in a car accident, the Harrisburg School District is wrapping up a challenging school year.

In late September, Harrisburg High School went on lockdown after a 16-year-old student brought a gun to school and shot Principal Kevin Lein in the arm.

Then in February, 16-year-old Harrisburg high school student Alysen Voss was killed in a two-vehicle crash.

Despite the tragic events, Harrisburg Superintendent Jim Holbeck says the students, staff, and faculty are resilient.

“We had a tragedy this year, with a student dying that’s always tough on the kids, we always worry about what affects that has on the kids, and of course we’re knows we had the shooting earlier this year, and we always say, that doesn’t define us.”

Holbeck says there are a number of positive things to look forward to in the coming school year, including a brand new elementary school and a growing student population.

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