Boy Scouts Learn Search and Rescue Skills in “Quakenado” Disaster Simulation

It was called the “Quaknado Spring Camporee”

When disaster strikes, search and rescue teams have only seconds to react to bring people to safety.

Area Boy Scouts learned first-hand what that means, and how to prioritize injured victims in a mock earthquake/tornado rescue drill in Newton Hills State Park on Saturday.

It was called the “Quaknado Spring Camporee.”

While it was only a drill, it was a scenario that these boy scouts took very seriously.

“We want the scouts to come here and have a chance where they can practice what can actually happen in a natural disaster,” said Jennifer Johnson.

A total of 234 Boy Scouts and their troop leaders searched for victims as part of a search and rescue training program at Newton Hills State Park.

They had one goal: find all the victims and transport them to one of 25 Southeast Tech nurses.

“Different patients coming in and they have different colored bands and so it’s good to put our nursing skills to use that we’ve learned,” said STI nurse Kylee Norgaard.

Some victims only sustained minor injuries, while others weren’t so lucky.

While it’s a situation no scout wants to be in, they are prepared to help when disaster strikes.

“When you’re with a fellow scout, and there is an emergency, or a natural disaster that takes place you know that you’re going to be taken care of,” said Johnson.

The Prairie Dogs K9 Search and Rescue crews were also used to locate victims, and Lincoln County Emergency Management also had a chance to use their new drone.

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