Zach Borg

KDLT News Weekend Sports Anchor

Growing up, Zach wanted be a power forward in the NBA, a pass rushing run stuffing defensive tackle in the NFL, and a power hitting right fielder in the Big Leagues.

“After shooting up to 5’7″ during my growth spurt in high school, I was pleased to learn I could combine my love of talking with my love of sports and make a career out of it.”

Zach joins the KDLT sports department after stints in North Dakota, Montana and Iowa. After spending several years covering NDSU and UND, he’s looking forward to covering the other side of the rivalries with SDSU and USD, and no longer having to pronounce “Bison” with a “Bizon”. He loves to get out of the office and explore, meeting friendly faces and finding stories that go beyond the box score. Whether it’s shooting a game, telling a story, or editing a music video, Zach can’t get enough of this job.

“I get to be creative, go to games and have fun with a great group of people. It never feels like work.”

Zach grew up in Colorado where he played for the 2000 4A State Football Champion Loveland Indians (he claims to be the greatest second string defensive tackle ever). Despite this, he’s a diehard fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and Colorado Rockies. Go figure. Zach is also a proud alum of THE Colorado State University. As possibly the only CSU alum (or fan) in Sioux Falls, Zach can be heard regularly yelling at his TV when the Rams play, and possibly throwing inanimate objects at it when they lose.

He enjoys spending his free time with his wife Senia whom he married in Sioux Falls in 2016 and their dog Emma. She enjoys making sure he’ll never be free of the New England Patriots even when he isn’t working with Mark O. An avid (if not actually good) golfer, Zach would also like to apologize in advance if shanks his tee shot through your window.

You can email him story ideas at , tweet him , or stop by and say hello when you see him at the games or around town!