Firework Sales Exceed Expectations For Unique Store

Fire Brothers Fireworks restocks shelves four days into selling season

Despite stricter rules on lighting off fireworks in Sioux Falls, one area retailer sold out of their stock just four days into opening.

Fire Brothers Fireworks in western Sioux Falls has already made half of the revenue they expected to make. Owner Andy Jorgensen says more people are purchasing their fireworks online, which is what makes the business so unique.

Online sales are so popular, Jorgensen ran out of most of his stock and was forced to order an extra shipment of product.

“The difference was, we have stock that was kind of set aside for people to buy in the store and it was all gone because people were buying those specific products because they were watching the videos for them,” he said.

He has since re-stocked most of the shelves to last the next three days. He even has a section dedicated to fireworks that are approved to light in the city.

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