UFC “Very Pleased” With Fight Night 91

Sioux Falls Receives Praise After First UFC Hosting

UFC Fight Night 91 in Sioux Falls went as quickly as it came.

Less than a year ago, a city ban made it impossible to host the UFC at the Denny Sanford Premier Center.

Chris Semrau, Assistant General Manager at the Premier Center, said the UFC offices in Las Vegas, Nevada said they were “very pleased” with the Sioux Falls fights.

An impression that he hopes could bring them back to the Denny Sanford Premier Center.

“We think we put a good foot forward to have a chance to stay at the table for that conversation as they look for future places to play down the road,” said Semrau.

He also said speaking with UFC officials Thursday morning highlighted three aspects of Fight Night 91 in Sioux Falls.

“They thought the venues were top notch, the staff was great and the enthusiasm from the local community was outstanding,” Semrau said.

Fresh off his UFC debut, Sioux Falls fighter Devin Clark said he wasn’t surprised by the atmosphere.

“South Dakota fans have been more than supportive of me and everybody else that’s doing MMA in South Dakota and then for the UFC to come here everybody was really excited about that and I think it showed,” said Clark.

The next UFC fight night is scheduled for Chicago, Illinois on July 23rd.

That’s a population jump of nearly two million people above Sioux Falls.

Clark said he doesn’t see why Sioux Falls and the Premier Center can’t stay among the bigger host cities. 

“The support of this sport and the fans that came out, I think it should match up pretty well. Just to see that, I think the UFC can definitely make it a big venue,” said Clark.

Semrau said the UFC booked around one thousand hotel rooms throughout the city. The Sioux Falls Convention Bureau said the UFC generated “hundreds of thousands” of dollars.

The most comparable city to Sioux Falls, population-wise, to host a UFC Fight Night in the last year was Hollywood, Florida.

Its UFC Fight Night 70 also generated nearly six thousand fans.

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