Grandma Penny’s Easy, Peasy, Peachy Salad Is Perfect For Hot Summer Days

Grandma Penny from the Fruit Club brought a recipe into the KDLT Kitchen Wednesday. Easy, Peasy, Peachy Salad is a dish tried and true straight from her recipe box. Here is how you make it:

Easy, Peasy, Peachy Salad:

What you need:

4 to 5 peaches chunked

4 to 5 cups of salad mix (preferably spinach and kale)

2 cups cooked Italian noodles such as tricolor vegetable bowtie

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts marinated in drunken peach sauce and soy sauce

3/4 cup pitted cherries

1/4 cup torn basil leaves

1/2 cup feta cheese

1/2 cup dressing such as ginger peach or candy peach

Salt and pepper to taste


Marinate the chicken in sauces, cook in  a pan until tender, and darken on higher heat. Toss ingredients together and top with feta cheese. Additions can include garlic toast, pecans and more.

Sauces and fresh fruit can be found at the Fruit Club trucks. Be sure to check their website to locate them.

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