Federal Lawsuit Involving Brookings PD Officers Begins

A woman is suing multiple officers for the use of excess force, false arrest

A federal lawsuit involving the City of Brookings, its police officers, and the Chief of Police, began this afternoon.

Tamra Welbig of Brookings is accusing the department of using excessive force and falsely arresting her in June of 2012.

During today’s trial, Tamra Welbig’s attorney asked the jury to side with his client and hold the police officers accountable for what they did.

But the defense argued, the police officers were only doing their job.

The incident started on June 5th 2012, when a neighbor called 911 she needed help bringing Tamra Welbig to the hospital.

The night before, Welbig says she had taken nyquil and some prescription drugs to help her sleep and get rid her restless leg syndrome symptoms.

Welbig says she was in a car accident in 2007 that caused this pain.

But when she woke up on June 5, she couldn’t move.

She had her daughter and neighbor help her inside of a car.

That’s where Brookings Police Officers Jordan Hansen and Jordan McCaskill found her.

After a short conversation, Welbig stated Jordan Hansen grabbed her by the shoulder, and threw her on the ground.

Through tears, Welbig testified she thought she was going to die and “could feel the blood run down her face.”

She said officers then drug her to the ambulance where she was taken to the hospital, and once recovered, arrested.

However, the defense says Jordan Hansen believed Welbig made a punch-like motion toward him.

The defense says officers felt a threat of assault so they needed to restrain her.

According to the witness list, a representative from the Brookings Hospital, The Brookings Chief of Police and the three officers involved at the time still need to take the stand.

The trial continues Thursday at 9 a.m.

Brooking Chief of Police Jeff Miller, Officers Justina Diamond and Jordan McCaskill are still employed through the department.

Officer Justina Diamond was the supervising officer during the incident.

Officer Jordan Hansen is now with the Department of Natural Resources in Iowa.

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