Fireworks Sales Underway In South Dakota: ‘Friday, it’s just going to be insane here.’

Fireworks sales are officially underway in South Dakota. While some stores started off slow during the day, they’re preparing to pick up in a big way.

John McDonald of Marshall, Minn. said, “Some big blow up things I dunno. You never know what they are I guess, you just kind of get them and see.”

McDonald says he was just passing through and decided he had to make a stop.

“We saw it on the side of the road, so we thought we’d do it,” said McDonald.

When it comes to fireworks, he usually stocks up on the oldies but goodies. Some sparklers for his daughter and firecrackers for the fire. But there’s also some strategy.

“It’s kind of a competition at the lake so you gotta one up the neighbor and stuff,” McDonald said.

While McDonald is from Minnesota, Monday marks the first day South Dakotans can buy fireworks. The day stores spend all year preparing for.

Blackjack Fireworks General Manager Jessie Hard said, “Stocking, pricing, getting registers ready, ordering, making sure we got everything our people want.”

At Blackjack Fireworks in Brandon, it’s the calm before the storm.

Hard said, “It’s slow right now but the evenings it will start to pick up. Friday it’s just going to be insane here.”

When they do come, some will spend hundreds of dollars. Fireworks here range anywhere in price from 25 cents to $600.

Hard said, “There’s Bottle Rockets, Roman Candles, 500 Gram Cakes, they always want to know what’s new, what do we have this year that we didn’t have last year.”

This time, McDonald said he got off cheap. Today’s total: $105.11 cents.

McDonald said, “I thought for sure it was going to be more than that!”

South Dakota residents can buy fireworks from now until July 5.