Group Sending Medical Equipment To Nicaragua

'Helping Kids Round First' Succeeds After Months Of Persistence

After Craig Severtson saw children in Nicaragua playing baseball with socks and sticks, he decided to send them new baseball gear.


In October of 2015, Severtson and his non-profit, ‘Helping Kids Round First’, sent their first container of baseball equipment to Nicaragua.

After that feat, the plan moved to another goal: sending medical equipment.

Nine months later, an idea is being packed into reality.

“Since then, it’s been all about working with the Health Ministry of Nicaragua, the Tax Ministry, the government, customs and all the details that go into getting this equipment down to public hospitals in Nicaragua,” said Severtson.

On Saturday morning, they began loading their first truck with equipment such as beds, mattresses, walkers and exam tables to hospitals in need.

Sam Gotham has been with Severtson and Helping Kids Round First throughout their efforts.

From packing bats and gloves to now medical gear, he said their goal has always been to make life better for people in Nicaragua.

“They can use what we have. What we think is used, or old, or no good anymore can really change a lot of lives down there,” said Gotham.

Dr. Paul Amundson, Chief Medical Officer with DakotaCare, has served on medical teams in Nicaragua over the last 14 years.

From what he’s seen, something as simple as a bed can make a world of a difference.

“Often times, people are re-cooperating in what we consider a primitive, straw type of bed so something like this should improve the level of healthcare significantly,” said Dr. Amundson.

Dr. Scott Peterson with Avera Flandreau Hospital helped provide equipment that he believes would be beneficial.

He said his goal for the future is to see people go south alongside the equipment.

“Providing services and maybe training people down there to be able to provide medical services and care to people,” said Dr. Peterson.

For Severtson, the results of this mission won’t be clear until they see the faces of the provided.

However, he hopes Saturday’s truck is the first of many.

The first package is scheduled to arrive at its destination in five weeks.

The next goal for Severtson and Helping Kids Round First is to send more advanced equipment, such as X-Ray machines to Nicaragua.

To learn more about the organization, follow the link here.

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