Hartford’s New Mayor: Jeremy Menning

First-term city council member appointed mayor

The city of Hartford has a new mayor – Jeremy Menning.

The first-term city council member was appointed by a unanimous vote at Tuesday night’s meeting, two weeks after Mayor Bill Campbell and city councilman Bill Haugen resigned from their positions.

Menning ran unopposed for Ward 3 last month. He was one of three new members joining the council when Campbell and Haugen resigned unexpectedly.

“I know there wasn’t a single vote cast for me, so there will be a lot of listening,” Menning told KDLT News. “You can’t just go in and start doing whatever you want.”

Travis Kuehl will take over Haugen’s vacant Ward 1 seat on the city council. Kuehl serves as the vice chairman of the Hartford’s planning and zoning department.

Menning says the council will be taking applications for his vacant seat until they meet again in three weeks. Both Menning and Kuehl will serve a one-year term – the remainder of Campbell and Haugen’s terms.

Tuesday’s appointment brings the city one step closer to separating itself from the turmoil that began last July with talks of doing away with the economic developer position, then spurred a movement for a mayoral recall.

That was followed up by an email scandal that led to the resignation of another city council member, Doyle Johnson.