“I Don’t Think I’m A Hero, I Chose To Wear This Badge.”

Officer DesaRae Gravatt remains humble after saving a suspect's life

A Wagner Police officer is being hailed a hero after a high-speed chase over the weekend, left her risking her own life, to save the life of someone else.

Officer DesaRae Gravatt started her Saturday like any other.

“I left home after breakfast and was going to start routine patrol in town.”

It’s the same routine she has done for the last five years. Only this past Saturday, a routine traffic violation turned into a situation, unlike any other she’s dealt with – a high speed chase just south of town.

“I then went passed the suspect, I let her pass me, then I spun around and activated my lights for the stop sign violation and for nearly hitting the ditch,” added Gravatt.

The chase started on 298th Street, otherwise known as Airport Road for its close proximity to the Wagner airport, but the chase ended just 10 miles south of there in a creek; that’s when Gravatt sprang into action.

“She just cranked the wheel into the west ditch,” she added, “I thought she was going to stop at the bottom of the ditch area, but she didn’t.”

Wagner Police say that’s when the woman got out of her blue, Suburban and swam into a nearby creek. She continued to tell Officer Gravatt that she, “wanted to kill herself,” and yelled, “You don’t know what I’m going through.”

“At that point I threw off my belt, and did what I had to do to go in and get her.”

Approximately five minutes later a nearby farmer, two fellow Wagner police officers and a deputy from the Charles Mix County Sheriff’s Office helped rescue the suspect where she was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

Since then, public outcry on Facebook grew. People calling Gravatt a hero, and thanking her for her heroic service. She says those are all kind words, but nothing she says is all that heroic.

“I really don’t think of myself as a hero,” she laughed, “I chose to wear this badge for a reason.  I love my job, I love coming into work every day.”

At the very least a hometown hero, where everybody knows her name. The suspect was arrested for eluding police, DUI and reckless driving. She was provided a mental health evaluation while in the hospital.

*Photos courtesy of Officer Gravatt