Investigation Leads To Stolen Items, No Suspect

Authorities are looking for 41-year-old Micah Buum

Police have found a number of stolen items, but no suspect after an 11 hour stand-off at a Crooks storage unit.

Sioux Falls Police and the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office are looking for 41-year-old Micah Buum, who they believe is connected to a string of storage unit thefts in the county.

It was a lengthy investigation that brought multiple agencies out including the SWAT team, but the investigation is far from over.

Early Thursday morning, a Sioux Falls Police Officer who was on a routine patrol pulled over a group of individuals who told him 41-year-old Micah Buum was squatting in on of Larry’s I-29 Storage units.

They also told police that he was armed. 

“We’ve taken some tactical measures to determine whether the individual is in the storage unit that they indicated that he was potentially in, we’ve searched those units, we did not locate him,” explains Chief Deputy with Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office Michelle Boyd. 

But officers didn’t leave empty handed. 

“We have located stolen property,” says Boyd. 

Those stolen items may have been taken over a long-period of time. 

“We have a number of storage unit burglaries in the county over the last month,” says Boyd. 

At the specific location in Crooks, one burglary happened just this past weekend. 

“I got a call Saturday from one of my attendants that asked if I had put a different lock on his unit, and I said no we haven’t,” says Larry Haug, the owner of Larry’s I-29 Storage. “I went out and it wasn’t his lock, so we opened it up for him and it turned out someone had broken into his unit and put another lock back on it.” 

Haug says while he’s dealt with burglaries in the past, dealing with a potential armed squatter is something new. 

“You don’t get it very often, but if you’re in business you always have a headache once in a while,” says Haug, which is a headache for not only him, but also for local law enforcement. 

“We would have liked to locate him and been done with this today, because this will be a lengthy process now,” says Boyd.

Police say the next step is to do inventory on all the stolen items and hope that information on Micah Buum’s whereabouts come forward.

Micah Buum is already listed on Minnehaha County’s most wanted for a bond violation, DWI and burglary.