Iowa Gun, Ammo Manufacturer Taking Questions Following Orlando Shooting

CEO Says Company Is No Stranger To Threats, Wants To Inform The Public

Following the deadliest mass shooting in our nation’s history, an Iowa based gun and ammo manufacturer says they want to have a civil conversation with the public.
They plan to answer questions regarding the second amendment.

Anytime a shooting incident happens, whether it be here at home, or somewhere else in the U.S., Capital Armament Co. often becomes a target. The CEO says the company just north of Sibley is no stranger to threats.

CapArms Founder and CEO Clint Gerner said, “We’ve been told things like ‘you’re making millions of dollars off the suffering of others’ and ‘we’re horrible, terrible people because we’re in the industry’.” Ultimately, we’re an industry that sells a legal product and supplies a constitutionally protected right.”

So they’re hoping to set the record straight.

Gerner said, “Especially on the political side, when you get people calling for bans, the terminology is wrong but more so the function’s wrong.”

Gerner says what Omar Mateen used to open fire at an Orlando club is called a Sigmax Carbine, otherwise being called an AR-15 style weapon. Unfortunately, he says, when people hear automatic rifle, they don’t understand it’s not fully automatic.

“They think Al Pachino ‘Say hello to my little friend’; let’s pull a trigger and see 700 rounds come out in a single trigger pull.” Gerner said, “An AR-15 cannot shoot 700 rounds per minute like we heard Sunday and Monday from a lot of people.”

If anyone, Gerner would know. He’s a military veteran, a marine who served in Iraq, and a competition shooter. The company he owns manufactures ammo for precision shooting and law enforcement agencies. It also builds a compact version of the AR-15 for entry units such as SWAT teams. 

Gerner said, “With anything, terminology is key and knowing what you’re talking about is key.”

Over the past few days, Gerner has been frustrated where the conversation has gone.

“Instead of talking about the people behind the tool and why they’re using it for evil, we instead talk about banning the tool itself,” said Gerner.

That’s why Gerner says wants to have an open dialogue, to educate the public on gun laws and how criminals obtain them. Gerner says in certain places, civilians can legally own fully automatic weapons in the U.S. However, you have to get very stringent, expensive licenses. He says it takes almost a full year, jumping through hoops by the ATF, to own one.  

Gerner said, “There’s always a criminal who has a gun willing to sell a criminal a gun without a background check.”

Then, he says, they can hopefully make an informed decision.  

“Lawmakers were coming out with the absolute wrong information on the firearms that they were talking about and we want to provide the right information,” said Gerner.

President Barack Obama is calling for a new ban on assault weapons. A previous ban on semi-automatic assault weapons expired in 2004.

If you would like to join the discussion, you can log onto the CapArms Facebook Page. Gerner will be answering questions starting at 7 p.m. Wednesday night.