“Ransomware” Becoming Concerning Tech Trend

Businesses and Individuals Educate Themselves On Protection

“Ransomware” is the act of hackers sending an email or link to an account, demanding attention.

If clicked, hackers can take files from your computer and will demand money for the return of those files.

Files can be returned if the ransom is paid but tech experts recommend taking a different method.

Jake VanDewater, Director of Managing Services and CPE with SDN Communications, said he believes individual awareness is the key to prevention.

“Making sure you know what sites you’re going to, you know who’s sending an email; you’re not clicking on unknown links or unknown files that can potentially create a risk for you,” said VanDewater.

Business and City leaders joined SDN Communications Tuesday morning to better educate themselves on the dangers of ransomware.

For those in attendance like Yankton Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Carmen Schramm, said they hope bringing the information back to their employees can prevent one pricey mistake.

“Identifying what might be the threat out there and doing the education for the staff to make sure that they don’t click and then go [oops],” said Schramm.

With the every changing world of technology, Rosenbaur America IT Director, Chris Blackwelder said they have to keep up with the evolving threats.

“We talked about ransomware today and the next step is what the threat is tomorrow,” said Blackwelder.

VanDewater noted ransomware attacks have increased to around 13,000 cases a day in 2016 from roughly 1,000 per day in 2015.

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