Sanders, Clinton Campaigns Look For Last Minute Support

Since late May, Donald Trump has had the Republican Nomination for president wrapped up. Some news outlets believe the Democratic Nomination is a done deal as well, naming Hillary Clinton the presumptive winner. But her challenger is hoping for last minute support from the six states holding primaries Tuesday, one being South Dakota.

While some believe the field is already set in November, neither the Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton campaigns are acting a such.

“Hi, is Sharon available.”

At the Clinton Campaign office in Sioux Falls, the afternoon was spent phone banking.
“Hi my name is Keith, volunteering for the Hillary for South Dakota campaign.”

If not to get support for Hillary, encouraging people get to their precinct.

“You have until 7 o’clock.”

Hillary for South Dakota Campaign Field Organizer Spencer O’Hara said, “We’re just doing everything that we can to try to get out the vote, try to get people to the polls to try to push Hillary over the edge here in South Dakota.”

Volunteers with the Sanders Campaign spent the the day outdoors, knocking on doors, talking with registered voters, and leaving literature.

“Hi, are you Arlene?” asked Paul Schipper, a Sanders Campaign Volunteer. “I’ve been helping out with canvassing and just finding out where people stand and whether or not they’re persuadable, see if they have made up their minds yet or not and if they haven’t find out what issues they care about and say ‘Hey, maybe you fall in line with Bernie.”

On Tuesday morning alone, Schipper canvassed two neighborhoods, making rounds to about 100 homes. As a delegate for Sanders in South Dakota, he hopes his efforts will send him to Philadelphia for the National Convention in July.

Schipper said, “If we get a strong turnout today (Tuesday), here in South Dakota, and New Jersey and California, he still stands a chance of winning.”

The state director for the Clinton Campaign was also campaigning across the state with the former FEMA Director. Clinton campaign volunteers will be posted up at Shenanigans Tuesday night, while the Sanders Campaign will be gathering at Monk’s. We’ll take you to both parties tonight on KDLT News at 10.

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