SF Police Chief Talks Bravery In Dallas: ‘Officers were running to the sounds of gunfire’

Local Law Enforcement In Mourning, Show Solidarity With Badges

The local law enforcement community says they are in mourning along with the Dallas Police Department and offer their condolences following the death of five of their officers Thursday night.

Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns says like many across the country, he too was watching the events unfold in Dallas. While the shooting was devastating to watch, he says the actions of the police officers were not surprising.

“Officers were running to the sounds of gunfire,” said Burns.

Burns says that’s what they do, that’s what officers train for. He says that’s the job.

Burns said, “That’s not in the DNA of a law enforcement officer to seek cover.”

The next day his department is showing solidarity with the Dallas Police Department, a sign of support for five fallen officers. A black band, called a mourning band, covers every officers badge.

“Does this sting today, does this hurt, do we have a lot of questions?” Burns asked. “Absolutely.”

But Burns says the department can’t let what happened paralyze them. He says they still have a job to do. However, he says it’s natural that they’ll be more vigilant.

“You just hope if something like this happens, that the officers in their training are there to meet the moment,” Burns said.

At times like this, he says you have to look at the positive and remember why you signed onto the job in the first place… to preserve the good in the community.

Burns said, “You gotta remember the fundamentals of the job and not let the things that happen on a daily basis that are detrimental, that could be depressing, that could get you down in the way of the big picture. The big picture is we have a lot of work to do here.”

Burns says already Friday morning he had received a lot of calls, people in the community offering their support. People had also written in chalk on the sidewalk at the Law Enforcement Center. He says the department works hard everyday to preserve their relationship with different groups to let them know that they are the police department for every citizen.