Madison Dairy Queen Prepares for Miracle Treat Day

Madison Location Is Blizzard Best Seller Over Last Decade

Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day for the Children’s Miracle Network is Thursday across the country.

The Madison location is preparing to uphold their reputation.

They’ve been the best-selling “Blizzard” location in the country for the last decade, selling over 45,000 blizzards in each of the last two years.

For Owner DeLon Mork, he and his staff feel no pressure.

“It’s not a competition to us in relation to the other Dairy Queens. It’s a competition with ourselves and our community to do the very best job that we can,” said Mork.

Their final tally is looking like it’ll be a truck-load.

Outside of the restaurant, they have a trailer that serves as a freezer.

It is currently holding three thousand pre-made Blizzards for businesses around the Madison and surrounding areas.

That number, however, isn’t close to the number the Madison location is expecting.

Mork said on Wednesday, a caller ordered three thousand coupons, alone.  

That’s what makes this the best time of year for Mork and his staff.

“It’s incredibly humbling to receive the support that we have,” said Mork.

Customers like Ted Faszer, he said they embrace the role of support for their Dairy Queen.

“We love Miracle Treat Day, we love DeLon, we love Dairy Queen. It’s just a win-win all the way around,” said Faszer.

Faszer also said he sees his 20 coupons that he bought Wednesday as a way to help kids and even a neighbor.

“If there is somebody in the community that just needs encouragement or a little bit of love, we’ll call them up and say “Hey! Let’s go to Dairy Queen and have some Blizzards” and I just whip up my coupons and I can use them year round,” Fraszer said.

Since they started participating in Miracle Treat Day, Mork said they’ve raised around half a million dollars.

All their proceeds from Miracle Treat Day go toward the Children’s Miracle Network hospital nearest to them, the Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls.

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