Pierre Businesses Rally Behind Law Enforcement

Guadalajara, Korner Grocery Hope To Inspire Communities

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Pierre fed local law enforcement like family on Tuesday afternoon.

The restaurant hosted a lunch for nearly 100 state, local and federal officials and staff at the Mickelson Criminal Justice Center.

Owner Sidney Zanin said he hopes their small gesture can serve as an example for communities around the country.

“It doesn’t matter what the size you are. I think every part of big towns can be communities and we can all be a big American community and live in peace like we’re supposed to be,” said Zanin.

Across town, a grocery store is riding a similar train of thought.

Only this idea came to be after Chad Robinson told his father, Larry, about cupcakes given to law enforcement in Rapid City.

“He [Larry]  wanted to take rolls to the police officers in town and when he posted about it on Facebook, he, at the last second, came up with the “KG Challenge” and it’s taken off ever since,” said Chad.

The “Korner Grocery Challenge” encourages other businesses around Pierre to show their own support for state law enforcement.

The response that followed surprised even the creator, Larry.

“I just thought it would be kind of nice even if I got one response, it’d be a success,” said Robinson.

Now, nearly sixty businesses in Pierre along with other cities have joined the challenge.

A challenge that Larry said aims to give credit where it is due.

“You never hear the nice things they do, only some of the bad things that happen. I think it’s time that they got some credit for the good things that they do,” said Robinson.

The efforts by the Pierre community have not gone unnoticed by law enforcement, including South Dakota Criminal Investigation Director, Bryan Gortmaker.

“They see that what we’re doing is relationship building and that with that, we’re going to be more effective both as a community and as law enforcement and the jobs that we do,” said Gortmaker.

Guadalajara will host another lunch for city police next week and the Korner Grocery Challenge has no specific ending time.

The owners of the Korner Grocery Store said they just started the KG Challenge last Monday.

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