Construction Worker Injured On Job Site Raises Issue Of Safety

Rallis Construction attributes saftey plan for 17 years without an accident

Monday’s structure collapse that left a man pinned under 20 tons of concrete, is the second construction accident in Sioux Falls in nearly two months. Fortunately, both victims survived. However, it could have ended differently. Despite the most proactive measures, they can’t stop tragedy from striking.

Rallis Construction has built and remodeled homes for 17 years. Employees say they measure success, not just by money earned, but also by safety.

“Knock on wood we haven’t had any injuries on job sites since we’ve started,” joked Dusty Rallis of Rallis Construction.

That’s because construction safety is a top priority for Rallis and his team of five.

“We’re inspecting the chords making sure that the chords don’t have rips in them for somebody to get shocked,” he says, “we make sure the ladders haven’t gotten bent throughout the day. If you got a bent ladder that can fail on you.”

Rallis says the company takes proactive steps to ensure that working conditions on the job site are safe for everyone, but even planning and heightened awareness by all can’t stop some factors – like Mother Nature.

Just this week, at different commercial building site, a strong gust of wind leveled a 20 ton concrete wall. It pinned a worker for nearly an hour. We’ve reached out to construction crews from Gage Brothers that built the wall, all they could tell us was the wall was secure.

Meanwhile, other companies like Rallis say the incident is a reminder that even the simplest tasks can take a turn for the worst.

“I always like to have my guys work in pairs. So, if there is something that is unforeseen that does happen that there is somebody to attend to them right away.”  

Tom Kelley with Gage Brothers says the man pinned Monday is still recovering in the hospital.