Flood Follows Watertown Record Rainfall

Thursday's Near Four Inches Most In Watertown on Aug. 11

Watertown saw its heaviest rainfall for August 11 on Thursday night.

The 3.90 inches of rain reported by the airport smashed the daily rainfall record, which was 1.66 set in 1974.

Within an hour, it rained three and a half inches.

Flooding closed roads and highways across the city with the worst happening at the junction of Highway 212 and 81.

Departments including Watertown Police and Street Management were needed for help.

On Friday, however, it was business as usual around town.

From the looks of the night before, Street Superintendent Rob Beynon said that was a unexpected turn of events.

“Surprisingly, this morning things have drained off really well. We’ve already removed a lot of barricades and we’re already doing repairs to some of the gravel alleys and stuff in the steeper area of town where they’ve washed out into the street,” said Beynon.

City officials say they’re focused on problems that remain, such as draining the overflowed Brody Creek.

Meanwhile, some businesses are cleaning up from minor flooding issues.

Mayor Steve Thorson said residents are doing the same with their basements after some saw more than a foot of water.

“That’s horrible to see that and it’s going to be a lot of work, lot of cleanup for them but the overall picture is relatively small,” said Thorson.

Several roads remained blocked off Friday because of the high water.

Beynon said they can’t say how much structural damage was caused by the flooding.

He expects all of the clean-up to be done after the weekend wraps up.

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