Civil War History Comes Alive

25th Civil War Days In Pipestone Brings Out Thousands Of People

Thousands of people gathered for the twenty-fifth Civil War Days to get a taste of what life was like 150 years ago.

Civil War Days Committee member, Myron Koets said as an event, it has continued to write its own history.

“When you look back over twenty-five years, the first couple events, if we had five to seven hundred people attend the event, we were tickled pink. It was a success,” said Koets.

From the action on a reenacted battlefield, event organizer, Chuck Ness said he hopes to teach a piece of American history with the hopes of learning from the past.

“What we’re trying to do here is trying to teach people what happened and how come our country has changed to what it is now and how some things that seem maybe insignificant at the time have had significant impacts as history has gone on,” said Ness.

Fritz Klen, an Abraham Lincoln performer, said he takes the opportunity to take an honest look at the United States from more than a century ago.

“Going back and look at some of these things and see how we’ve recovered or maybe how we haven’t recovered can be very instructive,” said Klein.

After spending forty years as the sixteenth president of the United States, Klein said word of mouth has kept him serving his role.

“I’ve known kids, over and over again, who have come back to me years later and say that program or that event, or going to this museum, changed my life. That’s what we want,” said Klein.

Civil War Days in Pipestone isn’t history just yet.

The event continues on Sunday with gates opening at 8 a.m. at Hiawatha Pageant Park grounds.

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